Fabric & Cushion for Airbags

Installation of frontal airbags to vehicles has become an automobile standard in most developed countries and also has expanded its market to developing countries as well—it is one of biggest growing market in airbag industry. After cutting process of flat fabrics by state-of-the-art laser equipment, expertly trained employees and extremely versatile sewing facility produce cushions with the highest standard of quality.
Driver, Passenger, Knee, Curtain Airbag
Single-layered fabrics are silicone-coated to provide the desired air permeability and heat resistance. Typical coating weights are between 22 and 300 g/sqm. The flat wovens generally weigh between 150 and 260 g/sqm uncoated.
Flat Fabric Yarn : 315d – 420d – 525d – 630d airbag yarns (N66)
Fabric Width : 150 – 250 cm
Equipment : Water jet, Rigid rapier, Flexible rapier, Air jet
Finishing & Coating : Silicon, PU

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