Tire Cord

Tire cords are the main tire reinforcement materials that maintain a tire’s dimensions and offer riding comfort and support. Since producing the country’s first nylon tire cord in 1968, Hyosung has made substantial advancements in quality and technology, eventually taking the lead position in the global polyester tire cord market.
From HMLS PET tire cords that feature outstanding dimension stability, to PEN tire cords with excellent heat-resistant properties, Lyocell tire cords made with green materials and production process, as well as other innovative materials for high performance tires, Hyosung’s tire cord materials offer unparalleled superiority above all others in the world.

Nylon Tire Cord

Nylon tire cords are used for carcasses of bias tires (trucks and buses) and specialty tires (OTR, aircraft, motorcycles) and for cap ply  layers, which hold everything in place in a high-speed tire. Hyosung’s nylon tire cords feature excellent strength and adhesion, enhancing a tire’s overall durability and performance.

PET Tire Cord

PET tire cords are products used as materials for tire carcasses. Since starting the production of regular PET tire cords in 1978, Hyosung is currently producing high performance tire cords that feature high-modulus/low-shrinkage properties. Hyosung’s PET tire cords offer particularly high adhesive strength properties and heat-resistant dimensional stability. In addition, they are lauded by the world’s leading tire makers for their superior quality.

PEN Tire Cord

With the growing demand for high-performance tires that feature exceptional riding comfort, low noise and low flat spots, Hyosung has developed superb tire cords that offer much higher functionally than conventional PET tire cords, such as higher elastic modulus, lower shrinkage and higher heat-resistance properties.

Lyocell Tire Cord

Hyosung has created the world’s first Lyocell tire cords to replace rayon tire cords that were normally used for high-performance and run-flat tire carcasses. Lyocell tire cords are made from cellulose derived from woods, using no potentially-polluting materials that can create environmental issues. Its manufacturing process is simple and eco-friendly and the materials used in the tire offer exceptional adhesive strength and heat-resistance properties.


Chafers are pliable fabrics that cover the bead wires inside the tires, maintaining high safety levels for tires. Hyosung produces multi-filament chafers and mono-filament chafers, which boast high dimensional stability and adhesive strength with rubber materials.

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