Nylon Tire Cord

A nylon tire cord fabric is a core reinforcement material that is used in making bias tires for trucks and buses as well as tires for other land vehicles. Since 1968, Hyosung has been engaged in nylon 66 materials for both domestic and international tire manufacturers.

To meet the recent rapid increase in demand for high-speed tires, Hyosung has accelerated the production of nylon 66 tire cord fabrics, which are most commonly used for cap ply. Cap ply is effectively designed to prevent tires from expanding and to restrain the increase of rolling resistance due to heat generation during acceleration.

A nylon tire cord fabric delivers higher tenacity, heat resistance, and higher temperature strength retention than other materials. Also, due to its excellent adhesive force over rubber, it is mainly used to manufacture bias tires containing many plies.
A nylon 66 tire cord fabric is commonly used for cap ply to improve the performance of high-speed tires, special tires for airplane, and general tires. This tire cord fabric is also used in making carcass for truck/bus bias tires in areas of Europe and the USA.
Tires for bicycles, motor cycles, trucks, buses, high-speed tires and special tires for air planes


Denier Filament Nylon 6 Nylon 6.6
840d 136f  
1260d 204f
1680d 272f  
1890d 306f  
  • Applicable Portion of Tire
  • Tire Cross Section Structure (Left: Bias, Right: Radial)

Typical Physical Properties

Elongation Heat
at Specific
at Break
Nylon 6 1260d/204f 12 11 22 5
Nylon 6 1680d/272f 17 11 23 6
Nylon 6 1890d/306f 19 13 23 7
Nylon 6.6 840d/140f 9 12 21 23
Dipped Fabric
Type Denier/Ply Tensile
EASL(%) Elongation(%) Adhesion
Nylon 6 840d/1P 8 11 18 6
Nylon 6 840d/2P 15 13 28 14
Nylon 6 1260d/2P 23 12 30 15
Nylon 6 1260d/3P 32 14 32 18
Nylon 6 1680d/2P 31 13 31 16
Nylon 6 1890d/2P 35 13 31 18
Nylon 6.6 840d/2P 15 13 27 14
  • The above table describes only representative physical properties. The physical properties may be different from those of the actual products supplied.

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