PEN Tire Cord

Hyosung's continued research and development activities are aimed at more advanced driving and lightweight tires, while manufacturing PEN (Polyethylene Naphthalate) textile tire cord. Hyosung's PEN Tire cord features heat resistance, low elongation & low shrinkage dimensional stability, and engineered for high tenacity. The Hyosung's PEN standard includes 1000d, 1500d, and 2000d.

Heat resistance, dimensional stability and high tenacity
UHPT (Ultra High Performance Tire) and special tires for racing cars


Denier Filament
1000d 249f
1500d 249f
2000d 249f

Typical Physical Properties

Dipped Fabric
Type Denier/Ply
1000d/2p 1500d/2p 2000d/2p
of Dipped
Load(kgf) 16 23 29
EASL(at 4.5 / 6.8 /9.0kg) 2 2 2
Break Elongation(%) 10 10 11
Shrinkage(%)* 1 1 1
E-S(%) 3 3 3

Thermal Shrinkage Test Conditions : [@177℃*2Min]

  • The above table describes only representative physical properties. The physical properties may be different from those of the actual products supplied.

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