Lyocell Tire Cord

Hyosung, for the first time in the world, has successfully developed a cellulose-based lyocell filament yarn for a tire cord and a method of producing the same for industrial applications. Hyosung's lyocell filament yarn for tire cord delivers high dry/wet strength, excellent dimensional stability, excellent physical properties, even in high temperature, adhesive force over the tire rubber, while emerging as an alternative for rayon. Another benefit is that this product is based on an environmentally-friendly material.

High performance tire cord having similar physical properties (heat resistance and adhesive force) to those of existing rayon, while having high modulus
UHPT (Ultra High Performance Tire) and Run Flat Tire


Denier Filament
1650d 900f
2200d 900f

Typical Physical Properties

Denier Load(kgf) EASL(%) Elongation(%) Shrinkage(%) Adhesion(Kgf)
1650d 18 1 (at 4.5 kg) 6 0.2 14
2200d 24 2 (@ 6.5Kg) 8 0.2 14

Thermal Shrinkage Test Conditions : [@150℃*30Min]

  • The above table describes only representative physical properties. The physical properties may be different from those of the actual products supplied.

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