Polyketone is an environment-friendly new macromolecular material commercialized by Hyosung, for the first time in the world in 2013, which will take a lead in the global parts industry on the basis of its superior properties and competitiveness.
Polyketone may be used for vehicles, electricity & electronics, industrial materials and general purposes on the basis of its excellent properties such as high impact-resistance, high chemical-resistance, high abrasion-resistance, high gas-barrier and high flame-resistance.


Polyketone may be used as vehicle's interior/exterior materials for various parts such as radiator end tank, engine cover, LED turn signal heat sink, clip and holder, fuel line, wheel cover and oil-hole door, due to its excellent impact-resistance and chemical-resistance, oil-resistance and gas barrier. more

Electricity and Electronics

Polyketone may be used for various electric and electronic parts such as connector, switch, cable box, OA equipment gear, copier bracket and pressure cooker's clean cover due to the excellent impact-resistance, flame-resistance and processability. more

Industrial Materials

Polyketone's abrasion-resistance is the highest in the existing engineering plastics and also with the excellent chemical-resistance and water-resistance, it may be used for diverse industrial materials such as cable tie, LED heat sink and alkaline battery gasket. more

General Purposes

With the excellent chemical-resistance and gas barrier, polyketone exhibits superb performance as being used for pipe, tube and film. more

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