PP for Caps

TOPILENE HJ541CP is specially designed for caps on plastic bottles. It has very high stiffness and workability which is ideal for manufacturing top-quality caps. Both compression and injection molding are applicable.


Caps on bottles need dimensional stability for tight sealing. Balance between stiffness and impact strength is also important to avoid deformation or breakage during transportation. Hyosung’s PP for caps is optimized for these specific requirements and can be used in high-speed production line such as CCM.

The Hyosung Advantage

  • Balanced stiffness and impact strength
  • Superior processability
  • Dimensional stability
  • Ensuring food safety and hygiene


Grade Melt Index
ASTM D1238
Uses Characteristics MSDS Certificate RoHS UL
HJ541CP 6.5 Pressure and heat resistant cap Stiffness, Processibility, Impact strength Download Download  

Product representatives

  • Domestic Sales Team
  • Sae Hyune Kwon
  • TEL: 82-02-2146-5421
  • FAX: 82-02-2146-5428
  • Domestic Sales Team
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  • Min Seok Choi
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  • Domestic Sales Team
  • Dong Moon Han
  • TEL: 82-02-2146-5425
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  • Alfredo Park
  • TEL: 82-02-2146-5442
  • FAX: 82-02-2146-5428

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  • Market Development Team
  • Suk Chan Hong
  • TEL: 82-2-2146-5456
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