PP-B for Pipes

Hyosung’s HPPB (PP-B) has been developed for drainage/sewage and industrial piping that requires additionally high stiffness and long-term durability.


Due to their extremely heavy environmental load(plasticizer leaks, the emission of dioxins when incinerated, difficulties in recycling and the use of Pb-based stabilizers), PVC pipes, which have been traditionally used for drainage/sewage pipes, are in the process of being replaced with PP pipes in most developed countries. PP pipes also have greater rigidity than conventional PE pipes, which allows PP-B pipes to have less deformation and cracks, as well as long-term durability.


Hyosung started developing grades of high stiffness, high impact strength and long-term durability HPPB pipes for drainage/sewage since 2001. After a year of field evaluations in overseas and improvements in the overall production processes, the company started exporting these grades in 2003. Through endless technological development and production stability, Hyosung started exporting to Europe and Oceania, where HPPB is already widely applied, as well as sending its products to the Middle East, South America, Africa, China and Southeast and Southwest Asia. The sales of plastic branch pipes and industrial pipes are also increasing as well.


  • Superior stiffness, good impact strength
  • Chemical Stability
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Easy to install (lightest piping material)
  • Easy processing
  • Economical


Sewer and Storm Pipes
Sewer and storm pipes, which are buried underground, require high rigidity and long-term durability to prevent them from cracking and leaking pollutants into the surrounding soil. Because of this, environmentally-friendly HPPB pipes with high chemical stability and rigidity are replacing other pipe materials and are gradually gaining wider popularity.
Industrial Pipes
HPPB is the fittest material for various industrial pipes, such as plastic pipe core, marine pipes and other industrial applications.


Grade Melt Index
ASTM D1238
Uses Characteristics MSDS TDS Certificate RoHS UL
HB240P 0.3 Drainage/Industrial Pipes High-Stiffness, Long-term durability Download Download  
HB242P 0.3 Drainage/Industrial Pipes High-Stiffness, Long-term durability Download Download Download Download  

Product representatives

  • Overseas Sales Team 1
    (Europe, America, Middle East, Africa)
  • Pete Yoon
    Leekyung Kwon
  • TEL: 82-2-2146-5442
    TEL: 82-2-2146-5448
  • Overseas Sales Team 2
    (Southern China, Hong Kong)
  • Vincent Choi
    Justina Jung
  • TEL: 82-2-2146-5427
    TEL: 82-2-2146-5432
  • Overseas Sales Team 3
    (Northern China)
  • Jun Sung Kim
    Bruce Kim
  • TEL: 82-2-2146-5433
    TEL: 82-2-2146-5434
  • Specialty Export Team
    (Southeast/South Asia, Japan)
  • June Lee
    Terric Kim
  • TEL: 82-2-2146-5444
    TEL: 82-2-2146-5447

* These are the numbers for those responsible for the sales of each product.

Chief representatives

  • Market Development Team
  • Suk Chan Hong
  • TEL: 82-2-2146-5456
  • FAX: 82-2-2146-5428 

* These are the numbers for those responsible for each of the business areas.

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