PP-R for Pipes

Since 1998, Hyosung has been the first Asian company which produces PP Random Copolymer (PP-R) under the name ‘TOPILENE® R200P’ and has been supplying it to many leading pipe manufacturers both domestic and global markets. TOPILENE® R200P has been recognized as one of the Korean World-Class Products in 2006 and fulfills requirements of our customers.

Market Characteristics

  • Over the last 20 years, traditional metal pipes have gradually been replaced by plastic pipes. This change was triggered due to low price, hygiene, long-term durability and environmental friendliness of plastic materials. The enhancement of pressure resistance and long-term thermal resistance triggered by the improvement of plastic materials and processing technologies also stimulated the broader use of plastic products. Above all, the demand for PP-R pipes has been rapidly rising in many markets, such as Middle East and China, as well as Europe, where was the origin of PP-R pipes.


As the first manufacturer in Asia to produce PP-R for cold/hot water pipes – the R200P – since 1998, Hyosung has seen a remarkable growth in sales based on its continued technological innovation and market development. First started selling PP-R in the Middle East and Turkey, Hyosung has expanded exports to Southeast Asia and European markets such as Russia, the Czech Republic and Germany, where the PP-R pipes technology originated.


  • Long service life of over 50 years
  • Greater cost efficiency
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Excellent construction safety
  • Easy processing
  • Chemically stable

Quality Certification

  • ISO 9080(MRS 12.5, CRS 3.3 Mpa tested by EXOVA
  • ISO 15874
  • DIN 8077 & DIN 8078
  • European Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011(2016/1416)
  • NSF/ANSI 14 Complied Material(US Certificate)
  • DVGW W270/KTW Guideline(German Certificate)
  • WRAS BS6920 Approved Material(UK Certificate)
  • GB/T 17219(Chinese Standard Certificate)
  • KS M 3362(Korean Industrial Standards Certificate)


Hot/cold water supply pipes
Water-supply systems are installed in the walls and floors of various types of building and it is of the utmost importance that there should never be any leak or damage during the life-span of the building. In particular, hot and cold water pipes need to withstand high temperature and pressure conditions, requiring high pressure and thermal resistant qualities over the long term. PP-R has been recognized as one of the fittest material for house water supply pipes from its low cost and excellent properties, so that PP-R pipes are being broadly used around the world.
Floor-heating pipes
Many people in East Asia and Europe are learning to appreciate the benefits of floor-heating and demand for these types of products is greatly increasing. Compared to many other materials that are used for floor-heating pipes, PP-R pipes demonstrate a wide range of advantages. Heating pipes require rather low pressure resistance (under 3 bar), but they are used over a long period of time. The PP-R pipes can withstand up to 110℃ (ISO 15874 or DIN 8078, 1.9MPa, 8,760hrs), making it problem-free even during sudden temperature increases.
Radiator pipes
PP-R pipes of PN 20 can endure 50 years under 60℃, 10bar and pipes of PN 25 can be used over 50 years under 70℃, 10bar. Therefore PP-R pipes are greatly suitable for either low or high temperature radiator heating pipes in the large building or big plant.
Chemical/agricultural pipes
PP-R pipes possess all the chemical stability and heat-resistant properties of PP, making it ideal for the piping of various chemicals. It is widely used in agricultural water supply pipes.


Grade Melt Index
ASTM D1238
Uses Characteristics MSDS TDS Certificate RoHS UL
R200P 0.25 Hot/cold water supply pipes Long-term pressure resistance, Impact strength, Long-term heat stability Download Download Download Download  
(Color Grade)

Product representatives

  • Overseas Sales Team 1
    (Europe, America, Middle East, Africa)
  • Pete Yoon
    Leekyung Kwon
  • TEL: 82-2-2146-5442
    TEL: 82-2-2146-5448
  • Overseas Sales Team 2
    (Southern China, Hong Kong)
  • Vincent Choi
    Justina Jung
  • TEL: 82-2-2146-5427
    TEL: 82-2-2146-5432
  • Overseas Sales Team 3
    (Northern China)
  • Jun Sung Kim
    Bruce Kim
  • TEL: 82-2-2146-5433
    TEL: 82-2-2146-5434
  • Specialty Export Team
    (Southeast/South Asia, Japan)
  • June Lee
    Terric Kim
  • TEL: 82-2-2146-5444
    TEL: 82-2-2146-5447

* These are the numbers for those responsible for the sales of each product.

Chief representatives

  • Market Development Team
  • Suk Chan Hong
  • TEL: 82-2-2146-5456
  • FAX: 82-2-2146-5428 

* These are the numbers for those responsible for each of the business areas.

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