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The Class Hyosung’s flagship lineup includes S-Class, E-Class and C-Class. There are also other models available including the CLS, an executive-sized sedan , GLK and ML, luxury SUVs, My B (B200), a family car, SLK, a sport coupe and CL-Class, a high performance AMG.


Mercedes Benz S-Class, synonymous with safety and luxury, provides you with a range of experiences from a whole new dimension. The Pre-safe function (first adopted in 2002), analyzes potential threats to the car and then activates measures to protect people in the cabin if the level of danger exceeds a pre-defined threshold.


As the title ‘one of the best selling imported cars in 2010’ suggests, the E-Class sedan has been the most popular model amongst the Mercedes lineup in Korea. This luxury sedan has won esteemed design awards several times in Europe and has set the standards for mid-size luxury sedans. It is likely that the model’ popularity will be maintained in the foreseeable future.


As a compact luxury sedan that also gives off a feeling of sportiness, the C-Class sedan is especially popular among youths. Its comfortable ride and formidable power appeal strongly to both men and women. Though a compact sedan, C-Class has the philosophy and the safety spirit of Mercedes Benz in it without compromising our high standards.

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