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Over the past 100 years, it goes without saying that Mercedes-Benz has been the symbol of success, which can be recognized by its “Future of Cars” campaign. Given the excellence in quality and performance that the car provides, there must also be a dealer who is unmatched in quality. This is why Mercedes-Benz chose The Class Hyosung as its primary automotive dealer in Korea. Based on its prestige, overall service levels and differentiation that can “Let Benz be Benz,” The Class Hyosung will always be there for customers.
Powered by Mercedes’ world class prestige, we will lead a new era in automobile culture and products, offering our unparalleled services which will take your reputation and dignity to an unprecedented level.

About the company

Based on the philosophy that “We do not make it if it is not the best,” we, as a dealer hand-picked by Mercedes-Benz, offer a full range of stable and differentiated services that only a subsidiary of a large-scale enterprise can provide. Our services will become even better and better since we will never stop investing in our automotive resources.

Mercedes-Benz showrooms

A Mercedes-Benz showroom is a space where you can have full consultation sessions with our sales representatives as well as taking a good look or test driving Mercedes’ hot models. In addition to a beautiful showroom along Gangnam Boulevard, we have recently added new showrooms in Jeongja-dong, Bundang and Songpa, Jamsil. Another showroom will start operations in the district of Pyeongchon, Anyang. The Songpa showroom will be expanded in the second half of this year. With this sales network of four showrooms, we will provide you with better access to the world of Mercedes cars.

The Class Hyosung’s Service Centers

The Class Hyosung operates four service centers for Mercedes owners in Seocho, Gangnam Boulevard, Dogok and Bundang. The Seocho service center is the largest in size offering a full range of services including painting and sheet metal bodywork . The Gangnam Boulevard center is open year round for those who work round the clock and have pressing needs for their car. The Dogok center provides easy access to Hyosung’s service network for those who are far away from other service centers and cannot conveniently reach the dealership. The Bundang center, with a showroom close by, allows customers to have all the Mercedes-Benz services at their disposal, ranging from purchase consultations to repair and maintenance services.

Used Car Business Unit

The Class Hyosung started operating its Mercedes used car market in August, 2010. This year under the slogan "A Leader in the Mercedes-Benz Used Car Market,” we are making full-fledged efforts in the purchase and sales of used Mercedes cars. We will have procedures in place that will help you to secure a reasonable sales price for a used Mercedes that you want to purchase as well as offering the best price for your car if you are selling it.

Product lineup

The Class Hyosung’s flagship lineup includes S-Class, E-Class and C-Class. There are also other models available including the CLS, an executive-sized sedan , GLK and ML, luxury SUVs, My B (B200), a family car, SLK, a sport coupe and CL-Class, a high performance AMG.

Chief representatives

  • Marketing Team
  • Hyung Jun KIM
  • TEL: 82-2-570-1166

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