FMK Maserati

Maserati is an Italian luxury high performance automobile brand shining with 100 years of history and achieved remarkable growth world-wide, and is recognized with its unique distinctiveness and dignity, through outstanding driving performance completed based on 'racing DNA', magnificent design with Italian sensibility, and emission sound called orchestra on the road.

About the company

Forza Motors Korea Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "FMK") was established in Korea in November 2007 as an official import company of Ferrari and Maserati, and has grown continuously through leading role in the automobile business based on in-depth understanding and experiences on high-end brand.

maserati Showrooms

Maserati operates exhibition centers in locations including 'Imported car Street No. 1' in Seoul on Dosan-daero of Gangnam-gu, Imported car base in Gyeonggi region in Bundang Sunae-dong and in Haeundae Marine City, which made meteoric rise as Busan's economic and cultural multi-functional city. Exhibition centers provide great accessibility and visibility by positioning in central area of each region.

maserati Service Center

For geographical unity of sales and service network, Maserati strives to strengthen customer services by operating service centers in the vicinity of Seoul, Bundang, and Busan. This improves customer convenience by putting locations closely to one another, and with outstanding accessibility.

Product lineup

Maserati is equipped with various line ups including luxury flagship sedan Quattroporte, sports sedan Ghibli, 4 seater sport coupe Gran Turismo, 4 seater Cabriolet (convertible) and Gran Cabrio boasting off dynamic performance, and others, and next year, the brand first SUV (Levante) is expected to launch.
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