Chemical Products

Our Chemical Products Performance Unit has emerged as a major producer along the development of Korea's chemical industry and recorded high growth every year by exporting many chemical products to the world market, ranging from basic plastic materials to their derived products.
The Chemical Products Performance Unit is dedicated to increasing profitability by expanding exports, cultivating future growth businesses, and training professional chemical product traders in order to grow as a leading specialized chemical trading company that provides the best customer-satisfaction services.


Materials are created from petroleum and natural gas to produce a wide variety of chemical products and Hyosung generally prepares semi-finished materials such as synthetic fibers, resins and rubbers.

Plastic Resins

Plastic resins are highly polymerized compounds obtained from polymerizing small organic molecules. Plastic resins can be molded, are lightweight and strong and possess high resistance to corrosion and electrical insulation. This makes these products ideal for various applications such as food containers, packaging film, pipes and protective cases for electronic products.

Industrial Parts & Materials

Chemical products down-streamed from petro-chemicals, from which bottles and synthetic fibers can be obtained, this category can be divided into PET products, commonly used for bottles and yarns as well as upholstery and industrial material fibers.


Chemical fertilizers fortified with necessary nutrients for crops such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and other trace elements, these products greatly contribute to the food supply for humankind by increasing the growth, stimulus and overall yield of crops.

Fine Chemicals

A field of applied chemistry, the fine chemicals category has a huge array of applications that range from finished dyes, pigments, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and surfactant products, as well as semi-finished products such as basic pharmaceuticals, synthetic flavorings and spices.


A wide range of products are available, including products used for heat treatment of steel, metal plating and agrichemical products. There are also precipitants, deoxidizers, reductants as well as lubricants for food processing machines and rust-preventing oils.

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