Transportation by Air

Service includes air cargo service to transport goods by air, including local transportation services, charter plane services, re-forwarding, inter-third nation transportation and plant & animal transportation services.

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Charter plane service to transport emergent large-quantity goods and special cargo.
Safe international cargo transportation service passing through Incheon International Airport.
Integrated management of air-transported cargo of group companies.
Secured competitive air transportation agencies across the world.
A global forwarder using overseas networks.(Additional network member: UPS-SCS)
Internal capabilities are strengthened.
  • Improved capability to handle goods exported via air transportation
  • Enhanced reliability for cargo owners
Customer service improved.
  • Provided destination information
  • One-stop service handling from domestic inland transportation to final location of destination country
  • Cargo location tracking and transportation service between third countries provided notifying cargo position and arrival)
  • Provides swift and accurate air transportation schedules
  • Provides estimation and schedule form (convenient for cargo owners) (Estimation and schedule notice format have been upgraded.)
Region 2004 2005 Growth Rate
China 37,649 40,067 106.4%
Asia 128,030 62,188 48.6%
Europe 174,952 150,569 86.1%
North America 100,194 52,349 52.2%
Middle/South America 12,995 9,429 72.6%
Middle East 5,380 4,838 89.9%
Others 13,525 10,068 74.4%
Total 472,725 329,508 69.7%

Chief representatives

  • Global Logistics 2Team
  • Taegon Moon
  • TEL: 82-2-707-8714

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