Cold Storage Warehouse

Gwangju Cold Storage Warehouse of Hyosung is a downtown logistics warehouse connecting Seoul and other regions, which can simultaneously accommodate 13 container vehicles. It has a great storage capacity of 22,000 tons on a 4,835 pyong (20 chambers) area including ultra-low temperature chambers, freezing chambers, and cold storage chambers. The cold storage ware house boasts of large-capacity storage facilities and the latest refrigerating facilities, where any foods can be safely stored. Such facilities have acquired ISO9001 and KGS-HACCP certification, which guarantee the quality and safety of the foods stored in them.

The warehouse is in a location that allows customers to collect, store and distribute goods in the shortest period of time in the Seoul and Gyeonggi area. Its wide area and perfect warehousing system ensure accurate storage and delivery, and the stored goods are guaranteed by the movable estate insurance (20 billion Won). HYOSUNG KWANGJU COLD STORAGE WAREHOUSE will satisfy customer need with reliable and speedy service at a reasonable price.

Chief representatives

  • Gwangju Cold Storage Warehouse Team
  • Hongsik Kang
  • TEL: 82-31-763-3611

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