DomesticㆍOverseas Logistics

We transport the goods of the Hyosung group and other import/export companies to approximately 200 ports, 100 countries over the world via ship and airplane.
We have grown up as a leading transportation company thanks to the support and cooperation of our customers. Placing customer satisfaction as the first priority, we will provide the best service and convenience.

Transportation by Sea

Providing inland and marine transportation service for containers and bulk cargo in a competitive freight in a safe and speedy manner.

Transportation by Air

Service includes air cargo service to transport goods by air, including local transportation services, charter plane services, re-forwarding, inter-third nation transportation and plant & animal transportation services.

Third-party logistics services

Inland transportation services from worksite to port of loading; logistics services from port of discharge to final destination.

Cold Storage warehouse

A downtown logistics warehouse connecting Seoul and other regions, which can accommodate 13 container vehicles simultaneously, and it has a great storage capacity of 22,000 tons on total 4,835 pyong (20 chambers) area including ultra-low temperature chambers, freezing chambers, and cold storage chambers.

Tank Terminal

The tank terminal has the latest raw material storage tanks (12 units), transfer pipes (6 lines), and pier facilities (with 30,000 DWT capacity), which are used to supply raw materials and energy to Hyosung affiliates, and the tank terminal is also available for other companies in the Osan National Industrial Complex and Ulsan petrochemical companies to contribute import and export businesses in the region.
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