Transportation by Sea

Hyosung offers both inland and marine transportation services for containers with a variety of the products and bulk cargo, through the most competitive shipping services with the fastest and safest delivery.

Container Services

Saw wires are fine wires used for cutting silicon ingots to make silicon wafers.
Silicon wafers are largely divided according to their use: solar cell wafers and semiconductor wafers.
Wires for solar cell wafers are usually 0.12mm while ones for semiconductors are 0.14mm. They are being made finer to increase the productivity of wafers.
A quick and precise service is provided through intimate cooperation with the world’s leading shipping liners
Great savings in logistics costs: a safe amount of vessel space is secured from various shipping lines based on Transworld’s stable freight volume rates

Bulk/Project Services

Bulk/project cargo services are comprehensive logistics solutions that encompass everything from shipping at the factory to deliveries at overseas locations.
The most optimal vessel space is arranged for the qualities of the cargo and the best route is derived after field examination using various international networks.

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  • Global Logistics 2Team
  • Taegon Moon
  • TEL: 82-2-707-8714

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