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Category Roadwin Daystar Altino
Style Naked Easy Ride Standard Street
Capacity 124.1cc 124.1cc 124.1cc
System Air Cooling 4
Stroke 4 Valve
Air Cooling 4
Stroke 4 Valve
Air Cooling 4
Stroke 4 Valve
Brake Disk / Disk Disk / Drum Disk / Drum


Category S2 250 /
History NS125 S-5 E-5 A-4 Cord
Style Luxury European European
Sportive Off Road Style Off Road Style Basic
Capacity 249cc / 124.9cc 124.9cc 124.9cc 49.5cc 49.5cc 49.5cc 49.5cc
System Water Cooling 4 Oil & Air Oil & Air Air Cooling 2 Air Cooling 2 Air Cooling 2 Air Cooling 2
Brake Stroke / Oil & Air Cooling 4 Cooling 4 Stroke Stroke Stroke Stroke

ATV250 (Coming Up)

Special Feature & Strength

  • Through the technical collaboration with Honda in Japan, Daelim has achieved their high technique to develop two-wheel vehicles and improved the quality of the production by Honda’s superior system (HES). Moreover, Daelim has approx. 70% market share in domestic market and export the products to around 60 different countries. It proves that Daelim products are competitive and marketable on the world.


  • Daelim Motor Co., LTD.

Chief representatives

  • Wire rod sales team
  • TEL: 82-2-707-8612
  • FAX: 82-2-707-8653 

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