Automotive Steel Products


Automotive steel products cover various kinds of steel products used for car components including body, reinforcement and other small parts. As the technology involved in automotive steel sheets is rapidly developing, advanced steel makers in the world are concentrating on developing lighter, stronger and more formable products.


  Property Remark
Drawing Quality Classify according to the Drawing properties
  • Adding the special elements to the Super-low carbon steel
Inner parts
High Strength
Low Alloy
Classify according to the Strength, Impact absorption
  • Tensile Strength 35kgf ~ 100kgf
Reinforcement, Outer
Coated Steel Zn, Zn-Ni, Zn-Fe Coated on the Cold rolled steel for Paintability, Weldability, Rust-prevents (Spread Chrome or resin for improvement in Rust-prevents) Outer/inner Panel

Special Feature & Usage

  Main Usage Property
Body Inner Door inner, Floor Forming (Drawing), Weldability
Outer Door outer, Floor Forming, Surface, Corrosion resistance, Dent resistance, Weldability
Reinforcement Bumper High strength, Weldability
Others Oil Pan, Others Forming (Drawing)

High tensile strength steel is mainly used for internal/external automotive panels with the dual purpose of improving fuel economy and the safety of cars. It improves fuel economy by reducing the plate thickness to make the car lighter, and ensures collision safety with higher tensile strength than other types of steel.

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