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The Korean steel and metal industry has witnessed a remarkable progress during last few decades in parallel with the nation's rapid economic growth. As one of leading Korean trading firms involved in international trading of steel and metal products, Hyosung's two Steel & Metal Performance Units cover a wide spectrum of products including flat rolled steels, wire products, stainless products, steel shapes, round bars and non-ferrous metals.

Hot Rolled Steel Product

Hot-rolled steel products are made from slabs or billets that are continuously cast from steel made in the blast furnace, which are then heated to approx. 1250℃ and hot-rolled. Depending on the individual hot-rolling method and final shape, they can be classified as either hot-rolled steel sheets, plates, or wire rods.

Cold Rolled Steel Product

Cold-rolled steel is produced by pickling the hot-rolled coil, removing the surface scale and then cold stripping it at room temperature. Common applications of cold rolled steel products include auto parts, the steel exterior surfaces of home appliances, pipes and drums. These products are also used as raw-materials to produce color-coated steel sheets and galvanized steel sheets.

Galvanized Steel Product

Galvanized steel was created to prevent corrosion and add decorative value to cold-rolled steel, by plating and surface-treating. Depending on the specific galvanizing method or material used, they can be made into products such as construction materials, steel exterior of home appliances, interior and exterior parts of automobiles and also as a raw-material for pre-painted steel.

Automotive Steel Products

Automotive steel sheets are used to make auto parts and other internal reinforcements, as well as in the manufacturing of vehicle bodies.

Stainless Flat Products

Stainless steel refers to highly corrosion-resistant steel; they have an elegant and smooth surface.

Stainless Long Products

Unprocessed stainless steel straight from the furnace has countless potential applications.

Carbon Steel Products

A steel and carbon compound, it refers to steel alloys with a carbon content of 0.05 to 2.1 percent. The metal becomes stronger with a higher percentage of carbon and an adequate amount of carbon is chosen for different applications.

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