Environment and Energy System

Hyosung Engineering is the professional EPC contractor which can provide design, construction, and commissioning in the field of environment plant such as waste treatment systems. Hyosung Engineering is also providing the solution to reduce greenhouse gases and generate the electricity power by using incineration system of the solid waste and anerobic digestion technology of food waste.
Hyosung Engineering is doing its best to be one of the best EPC contractors in the world such as continuous research and development of the new technology in the environmental field.

Water resources

Hyosung possesses a full range of capabilities necessary to develop an eco-friendly water treatment system, ranging from the initial design process to construction and test runs. Our experience and technological competence in the area of water treatment are reliable enough to meet the needs of any sophisticated and demanding customer.

Environment and energy

We have an unmatched track record in helping generate fuel gas from waste materials. The twin-interchanging fluidized-bed (TIF) incinerator operating at Incheon Airport is just one example of our ground-breaking capabilities. Our expertise covers every aspect of the organic sludge treatment process, ranging from solidification to carbonization and incineration, thus giving us an important competitive edge in the business of turning waste into energy sources.

Industrial plants

Our first step into industrial plants went into effect when we won a contract in 2010 to construct a plant in Vietnam manufacturing steel cords used in tires. Experience and know-how accumulated from our previous engineering, procurement and construction works in the environmental sector played a decisive role in our winning the contract. This project will serve as a platform for us to grow further in the industrial plant industry.

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