Industrial plants

  • Our first step into industrial plants went into effect when we won a contract in 2010 to construct a plant in Vietnam manufacturing steel cords used in tires. Experience and know-how accumulated from our previous engineering, procurement and construction works in the environmental sector played a decisive role in our winning the contract. This project will serve as a platform for us to grow further in the industrial plant industry. We are committed to putting more energy and resources into our R&D efforts to become a leading plant specialist.

Track record

Projects Products
Construction of a plant to manufacture steel
cord for tires in Vietnam
Tire Steel Cord
PK-1 PROJECT Optical Film
PK-1 Industrial PROJECT PET Film
New Factory Project in Thailand Tire Steel Cord

field photos

A view of the construction site for
a tire steel cord plant in Vietnam
A view of the construction site
for the RE-10 project (PEC yarn)

Chief representatives

  • Infra Business Team
  • Kwang Un Jang
  • TEL: 82-2-707-5842

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