Nylon Film (Filmore)

Hyosung has both tubular and T-die extrusion equipment to create various kinds of products for customers. Nylon films have low oxygen permeability, coupled with superior cold-resistance and pinhole resistance, making them highly appropriate for refrigerated foods, frozen foods, retort foods as well as packaging for refill products. The RT Grade has particularly superior heat-resistance in very high-temperature conditions, while the DT grade has high tenacity in moldings for medicines. In addition, there is also a great variety of coating films that are used in high value-added products.

General Packaging (GT, BG)

With exceptional tenacity, pinhole resistance and low oxygen permeability, this product is ideal for the long-term storage of food and medicine. It is also safe and has been certified in Korea, the U.S. and Japan for non-toxicity.

Retort Packaging (RT)

Because of its high heat-resistance properties, it is safe for high-temperature sterilization of foods. It effectively blocks out oxygen and gas, while its thickness offers great layer adhesion during the lamination

Medicine Packaging (DT)

With higher tenacity and tensibility, this product has been optimized for medicine blister packing. It has also been improved to avoid breakages that can occur during the product molding process

In-Line Coated Products (AT)

Nylon film that has been chemically-coated on one side, it features a higher ink adhesion rate than general films. Its heat-resistant properties make it highly suitable for retort packing, while the strong adhesion of laminates maintains the packing material’s overall tenacity and barrier qualities.

For secondary cells

One-side corona treated nylon film with uniform MD/TD property balance and optimum strength, providing good formability. The property that helps maximize formability provides the highest quality for pouches for secondary cells.

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