Polyester Film (Filmore)

Hyosung’s polyester films are made from materials that are directly supplied from within the company to create products of unsurpassed quality when compared to other multi-purpose films. With great mechanical strength, Hyosung’s polyester film is highly heat and chemically stable, making it extremely useful for various applications as well as packaging.
It is renowned both within the country and internationally for its superior mechanical properties, heat resistance and cold resistance, in applications such as food packaging, industrial uses and microforms (bibliofilms).
Its superior optical qualities make it suitable for windows. Hyosung is committed to developing products with added value to meet the diverse needs of customers, such as coating films with high ink adhesion.
Currently the Ulsan Yongyeon Plant is getting equipped to operate a manufacturing facility for optical and industrial films with an annual production run of 40,000 tons, which will kick-start production in 2012. With optical films that are used for FPDs on LCDs and PDPs, as well as films for LCD, solar cells, insulation for motors and many other uses, Hyosung strives to secure a competitive advantage in the field of films for electronic materials.


Free of toxins or odor, this film has excellent air-blocking properties, making it suitable for various foods such as snacks and retort packing, as well as medicines.

Optical Uses

Excellent in heat stability, it is widely used on LCDs and PDPs for flat panel displays (FPDs)

Electrical/Electronic Uses

This film has great electrical characteristics, combined with heat resistance, processability and insulation. These films are used for various purposes in the electronics industry, including protection/release films.


A film with great dimensional stability, it boasts superior transparency and processability, printability. Moreover, it is widely used in many graphics fields, including labels, stickers and advertising materials.

Solar Panels

A film with great resistance against weather and exterior conditions, it features heat stability and excellent mechanical characteristics. It is also suitable for various industries that require weather-resistance and is widely used on the back sheet of solar panels.


Hyosung offers films for windows with high and ultra-high transparencies and many other optical qualities.

Electrical Insulation

Featuring high moisture resistance and heat resistance, this film is widely used in many industries that require electrical insulation, including insulation for motors and electrical transformers, casings for electrical cables as well as heat films.

Other Industrial Uses

This film features excellent processability and is used for various industrial applications, including adhesive/release protection films, microform (bibliofilm), flooring and industrial tapes. Hyosung offers the right solution for a diverse range of customer needs and requests based on its in-line coating technology.

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