Nylon tile carpets

  • The Swan Carpet’s nylon tile carpets are made of Hyosung’s proprietary nylon BCF and used in offices for high-end finishing purposes.
  • Highly durable, thus possible to be used over long periods of time
  • Fur dose not come off easily since specially devised yarn (BCF) is used.
  • Good cushion and recovery thanks to substantial bulkiness
  • Highly resistant to contamination
  • First to receive the SF Mark (anti-bacteria and odor) in the industry
  • Coming in a wide range of colors and designs
  • Exceptionally durable and resistant to contamination in case of products made using Korea’s
    first nylon rectangular hollow yarn
  • Possible to achieve a variety of patterns through mixing and matching
Offices, meeting rooms, libraries, lecture rooms, high-end retail shops, homes
Gallery, Maxima, Space, Trendy

Chief representatives

  • Strategic Team
  • Jiyoung Jang
  • TEL: 82-2-707-7536

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