Mixed fabrics

Union fabric refers to a fabric that combines two or more fibers and intertwines them together in order to maximize their individual strengths and minimize the weakness of each element. This could be natural fibers (cotton, linen, wool, etc.), recycled fibers (rayon, cupra, modal, etc.) and synthetic fibers (nylon, PET, acetate, etc.). Hyosung uses the most appropriate dyestuff & additional agent and optimized facilities to make the best of the properties unique to each particular element.


  • Good to touch, highly moisture absorbent, good looking and heat retaining as they are made of natural and recycled fibers
  • More resolute and durable than natural fibers as a result of being mixed with synthetic ones
  • Possible to create a wide range of fabrics by combining diverse materials

Products and features

Cotton union

Cotton/Nylon, cotton/PET 1-way spandex
These products make the best of the strengths of natural and synthetic fibers. A variety of products including Cotton 16S to 100S are available.
100% Cotton 1-way Spandex
All products in this category use cotton. Diverse texture can be achieved depending on how thick the cotton material is.

Rayon union

Rayon/acetate, acetate/rayon 1-way spandex
These products are of high quality, featuring good drape and soft touch. They require a highly sophisticated dyeing technology.
Rayon/cotton 1-way spandex, non spandex
These products feature the lamination and soft touch of rayon while having the strengths of cotton, thus giving a good feeling to wear.


  • Shirts, blouses, gowns, ties
  • Suits for men and female
  • Casual wear, skirts, pants

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  • Sungkuk Jang
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  • FAX: 82-2-707-7588  

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