As one of the leaders in the dyeing industry of Korea, Hyosung has a capacity to dye as much as 2.5 million yards per month. Some of the major items that we dye include nylon 2-way spandex, polyester 2way spandex, cotton union cloth and polyester fabrics. In particular, we have an extremely large capacity to dye as much as 0.7 million yards of nylon 2-way spandex. Value added processes including buffing, sanforizing and singeing are also applied to give a greater variety of functionalities to fabric products. Hyosung’s fabric dyeing has been recognized both locally and internationally for its high quality.

Spandex fabric

Besides giving colors, the dyeing process of spandex products is intended to add functionalities including moisture repellence, moisture absorption and fast drying, anti-contamination, infrared blocking and anti-odor.

Mixed fabrics

Mixed fabric refers to a fabric that combines two or more fibers and intertwines them together in order to maximize their individual strengths and minimize the weakness of each element. This could be natural fibers (cotton, linen, wool, etc.), recycled fibers (rayon, cupra, modal, etc.) and synthetic fibers (nylon, PET, acetate, etc.). Hyosung uses the most appropriate dyestuff & additional agent and optimized facilities to make the best of the properties unique to each particular element.

Polyester fabric

Almost all sorts of polyester fabrics are available for dyeing and processing, ranging from ultra-light ones that range from fewer than 20 deniers to heavy ones that are more than 600 deniers.

Chief representatives

  • Strategic Ma
  • Sungkuk Jang
  • TEL: 82-53-589-7088
  • FAX: 82-2-707-7588  

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