Polyester fabrics

Almost all sorts of polyester fabrics are available for dyeing and processing, ranging from ultra-light ones that range from fewer than 20 deniers to heavy ones that are more than 600 deniers.


  • Polyester products are produced under strict quality assurance standards in order to ensure overall consistency in the quality of PEC fabrics that change very fast.
  • Diverse finishing techniques are applied to meet varying customer needs: water repellent finishing, moisture absorbent finishing, infrared block finishing and fastness finishing.

Products and features

As one of the most typical PET fabrics, these products provide good flexibility and high productivity and are very suitable for mass production.
Featuring delicate lamination and stiff touch, these products give off a unique wrinkle effect, especially when they are processed to have a higher density.
Fine denier
These products are ultra light and soft to touch as they are made of fine deniers (30 or fewer). Applications include anti-wind apparel, down padding and more.
PET high elasticity products
Made fully elastic without using spandex fibers, these products feature better fastness than those fabrics using spandex fibers. Applications include ultralight taffeta.
Ultra fine yarn products
Products in this category are made of sea island yarn, splitted ultra fine yarn, direct spinning microfiber and others, giving a feeling of micro touch.


  • Jackets
  • Training suits
  • Sportswear
  • Golf wear

Chief representatives

  • Strategic Ma
  • Sungkuk Jang
  • TEL: 82-53-589-7088
  • FAX: 82-2-707-7588  

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