Stretch fabric

This fabric has good elasticity and physical properties and is easy to dye since it is made of regular and functional nylon as well as polyester yarns.


  • Variety of one way ultra-light stretch fabrics made of nylon 12D to 20D
  • Climbing fabrics of variety of weight and woven structure
  • Good stretch and anti-microbial fabric by using nylon functional yarn
  • Fast wicking and drying fabric by using functional yarn
  • Stretchable comfort wearing with freedom of movement
  • Excellent colorfastness in dark colors
  • Durable water repellency
  • Durable and hard wearing


  • Dynamic™ is a stretch fabric made of Hyosung’s functional polyester yarns including Askin®, Xanadu® and Aerowarm®.
  • It is possible to improve some of the existing functions or add extra ones as the need arises. < Characteristics: Good elasticity and fast recovery, excellent color fastness, UV blockage, fast absorption and drying, very comfortable to wear >


  • As a stretch fabric made of functional nylon, Dynamic™-creo has good durability characteristics and provides a lot of freedom to move, making you feel comfortable wearing it. It is largely used in the design of high-end clothing materials
  • It is possible to improve some of the existing functions or add extra ones as the need arises. < Characteristics: Highly elastic, waterproof, good aeration, durable >


  • Elastic fabrics including one-way, two-way and brushed back stretch
Dynamic™ HS-S3510 N MAGICSILVER 2WAY SPAN (N70+SP40) X (N70+SP40+MXS140) N63%, PU12%, M/S25% 44/45” 179g/sqm WR
HS-RD0448 P.AEROWARM 2WAY SAPN (P.HSC65+SP40) X (P.HSC130+SP40) P88%, SP12% 44/45” 210g/sqm WR
HS-RD0449 P.ASKIN + AEROWARM 2WAY (P.ASKIN75+SP40) X (P.HSC130+SP40) P89%, SP11% 44/45” 207g/sqm WR
HS-S4751 P.ASKIN 2WAY SPAN (P.ASKIN100+PU40) X (P.ASKIN100+PU40) P85%, PU15% 44/45” 191g/sqm WR
Dynamic™-creo HS-S4062 PET 75D 1WAY SPAN P.DTY75 X [(P.DTY75+PU40) X P.DTY150] P97%, PU3% 58” 227g/sqm WR
HS-S4730 NY 50D 1WAY SPAN N50 X (N50+SP20) N94%, PU6% 43/44” 83g/sqm WR, A/W
HS-S3376 NY 140D CHANGE 2WAY SPAN (N140+SP40) X (N140+SP40) N945, SP6% 44/45” 282g/sqm WR, BRUSH
HS-S3506 NY 70D DOUBLE 2WAY SPAN (N70+SP40) X (N70 SP40 + N.ATY320) N91%, PU9% 54/55” 192g/sqm WR


  • Outdoor wear
  • Active sportswear
  • Causal wear
  • Workwear

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