Fabrics for Apparel

Providing Fabrics by Hyosung are mainly for functional apparel. They include breathable waterproof , ultra-light high density, moisture management, eco-friendly, cool and warm feeling , 2way stretch woven, tricot 2way and flame retardant fabric so on.

Breathable waterproof fabric

This fabric can be combined with a wide variety of finishing techniques including coating and laminating used to create different degrees of breathability and waterproofness for a diverse set of purposes.

Ultralight fabric

As super light weight fabrics woven with nylon or polyester of 20D or less, they provides good durable downproof, wind proof and breathable waterproof.

PP Micro fabric

Woven with high multi yarn and processed using dyeing and diverse printing methods applied, this specialized fabric is widely used for board shorts and swim trunks.

Fast wicking and drying fabric

Made of Hyosung's flagship moisture management yarns including Aerocool® and Aerowarm®-light, this fabric quickly wicks away liquid sweat by means of capillary action and spread it out to fast dry. It keeps you feeling pleasant while you wear it and allows for comfortable movement. This is why it is widely used for activewear and other clothes for outdoor activities.

Recycle fabric

This fabric is made of nylon (Mipan regen®) or polyester (Regen®) recycled from post-consumer resources such as deserted fishing net and poly PET bottles. Its applications include knitted and woven apparel and bags.

Cool feeling fabric

Made of Askin®, Hyosung's unique polyester yarn, this circular knitted fabric provides a cool feeling when touched, anti see-through, UV blockage and sweat absorbency and fast drying ability.

Warm and light weight fabric

Made of Hyosung’s hollow yarn (Aerowarm®), this fabric has layers of air inside it, thus providing for excellent heat insulation and lightness as well as good sweat absorbency and fast drying ability. It is also very soft to touch.

Stretch fabric

DynamicTM , polyester and nylon Stretch fabric, made of regular or functional yarn provide good stretch and physical properties through excellent dyeing and finishing technology.

Tricot stretch fabric

With good color fastness to migration and excellent stretch and recovery, tricot 2way and mesh fabric are largely used for compression wear, swimsuit and sportswear.

Flame retardant fabric

Flame retardant knitted fabric for sleep wear can protect you from unexpected fire, the fabric helps to retard or holdback in fire while you are in your sleep.

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