Tricot stretch fabric

With good color fastness to migration and excellent stretch and recovery, this fabric is largely used in making compression swimsuit and sportswear.


CDP fabric
CDP (cationic dyeable polyester) fabric features excellent color fastness to
migration because it has stable cationic bonding.
Greater color fastness than regular polyester and nylon.
Good stretch and recovery made possible by combination of knit structure,
dyeing and spandex type
Softer to touch than regular polyester
Anti-bacteria, fast wicking and drying
Bright colors

NYLON fabric
Improved fastness of fluorescent colors against seawater and sunlight
in nylon print
Good colorfastness by know-how of dyeing technology
Good stretch and recovery made by combination of materials and dyeing
Anti-bacteria, fast wicking and drying

Product features

  • Easier to move
  • Sweat absorbency and fast drying
  • Anti-bacteria


PET 2WAY TRICOT HS-S5090 CDP 3:3 PATTERN P 40D (CD) + SP40 CDP80%, SP20% 58/60" 171g/sqm WICKING, A.M
HS-S5092 PET 45D (36G) P 45D (FD) + SP 40D P74%, SP26% 60" 187g/sqm PD
HS-S4104 PET 50D (32G) P 50D + SP 40D (H250) P83%, SP17% 58/60" 200g/sqm PRT
HS-S5091 PET 50D ACS (36G) P.ACS 50D DTY (SD) + SP 30D P.ACS83%, SP17% 60" 240g/sqm PD
HS-S4114 PET 75D 2WAY SPAN P.DTY75D + SP 55D P83%, SP17% 60" 379g/sqm PD
NY 2WAY TRICOT HS-S5037 NY20 SPK (40G) NY 20D (SPK) + SP 20D N80%, SP20% 60" 115g/sqm PD
HS-S5096 NY.ACS 30D (36G) NY.ACS 30D (FD) + SP 30D N.ACS73%, SP27% 60" 133g/sqm PD
HY-E4879 N40D (FD) 2WAY TRICOT (32) NY 40D (FD) + SP 40D N80%, SP20% 58/60" 214g/sqm PRT
HS-S4067 NY.SPK 40D NY 40D SPK + SP 40D N82%, SP18% 60" 280g/sqm PD
HS-S5047 N70 + SP40 (28G) N.DTY 70D + SP 40D N85%, SP15% 60" 251g/sqm PD
PET, NY MESH HS-S5089 CDP SPAN MESH (5:1) P 40D (CD) + SP 40D (H250) CDP84, SP16 60" 158g/sqm WICKING, A.M
HY-E4921 P/SPAN MESH 2X2 P.DTY 75D + SP 40D P85 SP15 58/60" 165g/sqm PD
HY-E5427 PET TRICOT 5:1 MESH P 75D FDY P 100% 58/60" 100g/sqm PD
HY-E7165 NY 40D DTY 1x1 MESH NY 40D NY 100% 58/60" 61g/sqm PD
HY-E4931 NY 70D TRIPLE MESH NY 70D NY 100% 58/60" 86g/sqm PD


  • Swimsuit, bike clothing, baseball uniforms

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  • Y. S. KIM
  • TEL: 82-2-707-7863
  • FAX: 82-2-707-7588 

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