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Hyskin™, textile brand of Hyosung, designed for protective cases like portable electronic devices, provides good durability and protective function. PU coated materials is used for outer cosmetic and microfiber is for inner surface.

Characteristics by product

Dry/wet PU coated products
A variety of texture including natural leather and synthetic fabrics.
Extra features including anti-dirt and anti-static and implementing various colors.
Easy carry by light weight.
Microfiber products
Dimensional stability and durability by PU component.
Artistic value to cases through adhesive without assembly sewing process
Wide range of thicknesses.


  • Cases for tablet PCs
  • Cases and pouches for mobile phones
  • Inside skins for laptop computers

Chief representatives

  • Strategic Ma
  • Wonil Choi
  • TEL: 82-2-707-7202
  • FAX: 82-2-707-7588 

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