Fabrics for non-apparel purposes

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Hyosung offers a wide range of fabrics for non-apparel purposes. These typically include cleaners made of ultra fine fiber for lens and display cases, clean room wipers for semiconductors and other electronic
appliances as well as cleaners for domestic use. Finestar®, Hyosung’s brand for cleaners, is highly recognized for its good quality and value. One example is a fabric that can be used on rugged travel bags. Made of Robic™, Hyosung’s high resilience yard, the fabric features high tear strength and abrasion
resistance. Hyosung also offers fabrics for various cases, including one for mobile phone cases, which is made of highly durable microfibers and offers good decoration and protective properties for phones.

High tenacity fabrics

Hyosung offers a wide range of fabrics for bags and backpacks, each of which is made of Robic® yarn, the company’s proprietary high resilience material and features unique dyeing and coating properties

Cleaners (Finestar)

Finestar products are made of microfiber. Their applications include cleaners for lens and display cases as well as clean room wipers used in the semiconductor industry.

Fabrics for cases

Hyskin™, Hyosung's brand for fabrics used to make protective cases for mobile electronic devices, provides good durability and protection as it applies the coating to the exterior and uses microfibers on the interior.

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