Made of Aerocool®, a sweat absorbent and speed drying functional yarn, DURARON™aerocool features the ability to thoroughly absorb sweat through micro channels on the surface of the fiber and then have them quickly dry off. This fabric is best suited for underwear and shirts used for manual workers.


Highly pleasant
This fabric keeps your body feeling pleasant at all times thanks to its ability to absorb moisture and quickly dry off.

Classification by function

The ability to maintain body temperature
DURARON™aerocool absorbs body sweat and quickly wicks it away from the body into the air, thus making your skin cool off in summer and warm up in winter.


  • Jackets for regular industry workers
  • Jackets for outdoor manual workers
  • Jackets for soldiers and police officers

Chief representatives

  • Strategic Ma
  • Jimmy Choi
  • TEL: 82-2-707-7859
  • FAX: 82-2-707-7727 

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