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Made of Hyosung's proprietary flame-retardant yarns treated with phosphate, Firex® is highly resistant to fire and,
even if it does burn, it emits no toxic gases such as dioxins.


Good durability
The flammability of Firex® is maintained even after repeated industrial washing over a long period of time.
Firex® emits no toxic gases including dioxins when it burns because it has been treated with a phosphate flame-retardant agent.
Good color fastness
Firex® features good color fastness under high temperature industrial wash, suffering little change in color.

일반 의류직물 이미지

Comparison of LOI between FIREX® and a regular fabric treated with flame-retardants.

Type Raw fabric After Cleaning
10 times washing 4 times dry cleaning
Firex 30 30 30
FR treated fabric 30 27 25

Performance of Firex® according to stringent standards for flame retardants in different countries

Country Standard Test institution Results
Belgium NF P 92-503, 504, 505 2CENTEXBEL M1
Germany DIN 4102 Part1 TUV, FIRE LABS B1
DIN EN 1101, 1102, 1103 TUV Pass
UK BS 5867 Part2 BTTG Type B
U.S.A NFPA 701 Govmark Pass
Japan JIS KAKEN Pass
Korea KSK 0585(Fire service act) FITI Pass

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