ROBIC™ is made of Robic®, Hyosung’s proprietary high resilience Nylon 6 yarn and used to make workwear. Being more resolute and more resistant to abrasion than a Nylon 6 fabric, this fabric can easily retain its original exterior even after long periods of use.


Good resilience
Featuring higher tensile strength and tear strength than regular nylon fabrics, DURATEC™ is best suited to protective clothing, military uniforms and other clothes that require high resilience.
Good durability
Good abrasion strength of ROBIC™ makes it look the same after long periods of use.
Price competitiveness
ROBIC™ has physical properties similar to Nylon 66 fabrics used for industrial purposes, but higher price competitiveness

Item List

ROBICTM-Light Light weight fabrics using 100d yarn Outdoor back pack, Outdoor apparel, and Work wear, etc.
ROBICTM-Max Regular weight fabrics using 210d, 420d yarn Outdoor back pack, School bag, Luggage and Work wear, etc.
ROBICTM-Lux Super high tenacity fabrics using 840d, 1680d yarn Luggage
ROBICTM-Cotna Cotton like touched high tenacity fabrics using 500d, 1000d air textured yarn Outdoor back pack, School bag, Luggage, Work wear and Military, etc.

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