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SUPRON™clean is a fabric used to make cleanroom garments required in such sectors as semiconductors, LCD production, pharmaceuticals and food services. It is highly anti-static and compliant with EN 1149 standards.


Good anti-static ability
Created based on Hyosung’s proprietary yarn technologies and weaving as well as our innovative dyeing know-how, SUPRON™clean provides a permanent anti-static ability.
Good dust control
SUPRON™clean is best suited for cleaning rooms that require the highest level of cleanliness since it generates minimal particles and lint.

Item List

CLASS 10 HS-RD0364 Plain Stripe Poly 98% Carbon 2% 97g/㎡
CLASS 10 HS-RD0365 Plain Check Poly 98% Carbon 2% 93g/㎡
CLASS 10 HS-RD0366 Plain Check Poly 98% Carbon 1% 95g/㎡
CLASS 10 HS-RD0373 Twill Stripe Poly 99% Carbon 1% 100g/㎡
CLASS 10 HS-RD0274 Twill Check Poly 98% Carbon 2% 105g/㎡
CLASS 10 HS-RD0277 Twill Check Poly 98% Carbon 2% 105g/㎡

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