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Hyosung offers a wide range of fabrics that are suitable for various applications. These include highly
durable, functional fabrics for workwear that can withstand repeated harsh washings; anti-flammable fabrics for protective clothing; special fabrics used for surgical gowns and drapes; highly durable fabrics for specialized military purposes woven with robic, Nylon and p-aramid and other fabrics.


Made of 100 percent polyester microfiber, this fabric is used to make reusable surgical gowns and drapes as well as surgical tools covers that must be protected from blood and body fluids.


This is a fabric woven with cotton, cotton rich, T/C and polyester and is used in the design of uniforms for nurses and doctors.


DURATEC™ is a highly resolute and durable Nylon66 fabric suitable for the rigors of everyday workwear. Its higher resilience (relative to nylon and polyester textile), makes the fabric the preferred choice for workwear and military uniforms that require high durability.


PROTEC™ is a super high resilience fabric woven with p-aramid and UHMWPE yarns. Its major applications include bullet-proof vests and helmets and industrial reinforcements.


ROBIC™ is made of Robic®, Hyosung’s proprietary high resilience Nylon 6 yarn and used to make workwear. Being more resolute and more resistant to abrasion than a Nylon 6 fabric, this fabric can easily retain its original exterior even after long periods of use.


SUPERFLEX™ is a blended, super strong fabric, consisting of p-aramid, highly resolute PE textile and high molecular resin and films.


SUFITEX™ is a highly resolute fabric made of p-aramid and ultra strong PE yarn. Its main application is anti-cut gloves used at industrial sites.


Mainly used for military camouflage purposes, MILTEC™ provides good opportunities to avoid detection through the use of infrared night vision devices. Its main applications include military uniforms, protective gear and equipment.


MILGUARD™ mainly serves military purposes. It is highly durable, but does not have the ability to avoid detection by infrared night vision goggles or devices.


Made of Hyosung's proprietary flame-retardant yarns treated with phosphate, Firex® is highly resistant to fire and, even if it does burn, it emits no toxic gases such as dioxins.


As a traditional fabric for workwear requiring an anti-flammable ability, FLARIS™ consists of cotton or cotton blends treated with flame retardants. This fabric is compliant with most of the EU and U.S. safety standards and features good durability.


PROGUARD™ is a flame retardant fabric made of M-aramid, P-aramid, Modacryl, FR Viscose and other yarns that are nonflammable and is fully compliant with major safety standards for nonflammable workwear in the EU and the U.S. This highly protective fabric is mostly used to make flame retardant clothing required in such areas as firefighting, electricity, welding, gas and petrochemicals.


SUPRON™clean is a fabric used to make cleanroom garments required in such sectors as semiconductors, LCD production, pharmaceuticals and food services. It is highly anti-static and compliant with EN 1149 standards.


DURARON™ is a fabric made of regular yarns including cotton, T/C, NC, polyester and nylon. It is largely used to make standard workwear products, featuring high durability and good color fastness to high temperatures during industrial washes.


DURARON™provis is a high visibility fabric for workwear, produced in a variety of ways including weaving, knitting and fleecing. Compliant with EN 471 and ANSI 107 standards, this fabric allows for the addition of extra features including a flame-retardant ability and breathability as the application requires.


DURARON™proAct is a breathable fabric based on functional laminating and coating technologies, allowing for good breathability and durability that allow outdoor workers to feel pleasant under harsh conditions.


Made of Aerocool®, a sweat absorbent and speed drying functional yarn, DURARON™aerocool features the ability to thoroughly absorb sweat through micro channels on the surface of the fiber and then have them quickly dry off. This fabric is best suited for underwear and shirts used for manual workers.


Created based on Hyosung’s unique finishing technology, DURARON™biosilver provides anti-bacteria and anti-odor functions that are incorporated into workwear and uniforms. This material retains its ability to fend off bacteria even after 50 industrial washes and is thus best suited to workwear that requires protection against sweat and contamination, especially in the food and medical industries.


DURARON™regen is an eco-friendly fabric made using Hyosung’s proprietary polyester and nylon yarns produced from recycled resources. Use of this fabric helps contribute to reducing overall waste and CO2 emissions as well as preserving nature by relying less on oil products.

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