Nylon Fiber (MIPAN)

MIPAN developed with the sophisticated, innovative nylon, always gives you comfortable and soft feelings, and sensitive pleasure.

MIPAN fine & soft

MIPAN fine & soft is a multi-filament yarn featuring its soft touch and excellent covering effect.

MIPAN XF (NP Conjugated Yarn)

MIPAN XF is a nylon/polyester conjugated yarn. It becomes an ultra microfiber of 0.2 dpf after the splitting process to give a micro powder touch over woven fabrics.

MIPAN colorist (Cationic Dyeable Yarn)

MIPAN colorist offers bi-color effect on 100% nylon fabric through single bath dyeing.

MIPAN magicsilver nano (Anti-microbial Yarn)

MIPAN magicsilver nano is an anti-microbial yarn that contains nano-sized silver ions to kill various harmful germs.

MIPAN glurex (Bonding Yarn)

MIPAN glurex, made of high-performance nylon, melts at much lower temperatures than other fibers, and it offers great adhesive power to fiber & textile.

MIPAN corona (Current-conductive Yarn)

MIPAN corona is a current-conductive yarn which prevents static electricity by containing conductive carbon inside each filament.

MIPAN magicsilver XF

MIPAN magicsilver XF is a unique conjugate yarn made of nylon and polyester fibers with antimicrobial and freshness benefits.

MIPAN robic

MIPAN robic is a high tenacity textile yarn for durable garments and luggage.


MIPAN air is lighter than they appear while maintaining durability which makes them perfect for lightweight garments that need to look heavy and rugged. The air trapped in the fiber helps improve the fabric's insulating characteristics.

MIPAN regen

The need for environmental protection is growing in importance as consumers become more concerned about sustainability and damage to the environment. To address the need for environmental protection, Hyosung has developed techniques for recycling discarded nylon products into nylon filament yarns for textile use.

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