MIPAN regen

The unique nylon filament which is recycled from post consumer waste.

The need for environmental protection is growing in importance as consumers become more concerned about sustainability and damage to the environment. To address the need for environmental protection, Hyosung has developed techniques for recycling discarded nylon products into nylon filament yarns for textile use.

World 1st recycled nylon yarns from discarded nylon products

As one of the world's largest producer of nylon-6 fiber, Hyosung's Nylon Performance Unit has had a long history of environmental stewardship by capturing and recycling lower grade and waste nylon produced during the manufacturing process. In addition, Hyosung is now employing de-polymerization technology to re-capture and recycle nylon in a broad array of nylon commercial products.

Maintains Nylon's original aesthetics and performance

Consumers want sustainability, but not at the expense of performance and aesthetics. MIPAN® regen™ delivers the same first quality and performance as Hyosung's virgin nylon yarns due to our extensive experience and commitment to quality.

How is it recycled ?

Recycling process of discarded nylon products

Process comparison

Environmental benefits of MIPAN®regen™


Type De Fila Luster
FLAT 20 20 FD
40 10, 34
70 34
210 68
200 24 BR
DTY 70 48 FD


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