Nylon Fiber (TOPLON)

나일론 일반사 (TOPLON) 이미지
Created in 1968, Hyosung's fiber brand, 'TOPLON', which means, 'Top of Nylon', is representative of Hyosung's accumulated expertise in manufacturing nylon fibers. We offer an array of specifications (10~1,000 denier) of commodity fibers under the TOPLON brand, which are used for bags, fishing nets and ropes, and also including stockings, lingerie and sportswear.

TOPLON Regular Yarn

We produce a variety of specifications of flat yarns and textured yarns (ATY, DTY) used for stockings, warp knit, circular knit, woven fabrics and narrow fabrics.

TOPLON Mono & Mother Yarn for Splitting

Due to its thick denier, a mono filament (15~30 denier) has a better tenacity and resilience than a regular yarn.

TOPLON High Tenacity Yarn

The high tenacity yarn is used for webbing, ropes, sewing thread and more, which particularly requires high tenacity.
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