Polyester Fiber

As the nation's No. 1 leader in the polyester fiber industry, Hyosung has been engaged in a variety of differentiated yarns, ranging from high-fashional garment yarns to high-functional specialty yarns. In particular, Hyosung is prestigiously recognized for excellence in high-functional differentiated products.
Hyosung, whose effort has been placed on ceaseless research and development, has developed cutting-edge, highly value-added products, such as highly-elastic yarn built with new benefits, flame-retardant yarns, conjugated yarns, and more, while offering the highest standard of products to meet the specific requirements of customers.

Recycled Polyester Yarn (regen™)

Developed by Hyosung for the first time in the country recycling scrap fabrics, fibers and PET bottles, regen™ is Hyosung’s green fiber that puts the environment and the future first.

Quick-Absorbent & Fast-Drying Yarn (Aerocool)

Functional yarns with microscopic perforations for air passage and circulation that help to absorb moisture and dry up quickly, keeping the body more comfortable. This product is optimal for sports, leisure or outdoor activities.

Lightweight, Heat-Retaining Yarn (aerowarm)

The cross-section of the yarn reveals a hollow core and forms air pockets in the fabric, providing the user with higher heat retention and a lightweight, comfortable fit. But what sets the yarn apart from the other brands is its fast-absorbent and quick-drying properties, which maintains an optimal moisture level during winter. aerowarm yarns are used in many sports and outdoor products, due to their fastness against sunlight and washing.

Anti-Bacterial Yarn (Aerosilver)

A multi-functional yarn that combines Aerocool’s absorbent and quick drying properties with Magic Silver’s anti-bacterial and deodorizing qualities, Aerosilver is a new concept yarn that offers users a lot of versatility. It can be applied to sportswear, outdoor apparel, as well as intimate apparel.

Highly Colorfast Yarn (prizma)

prizma yarns can be dyed at lower temperatures than either nylon or polyester fibers. It has excellent color and washing fastness and it beautifully expresses deep colors.

Flame Retardant Yarn (Firex)

The flame retardant properties are added during the yarn production process, so that they can withstand the harsh washing and dry cleaning processes. The Firex type of yarn prevents the spread of flames due to combustion in case of fire and has been certified in many countries for its fire-resisting and anti-flammable properties.

Latent Crimped Yarn (Xanadu)

A yarn with comfortable resilience that is used in stretchy materials, Xanadu fabric maintains shape better and has higher durability than spandex, making it multifunctional and very easy to care for.

Ultra-Microfiber (m2)

Produced directly from spinning, this ultra-microfiber product combines the multi-functional properties of polyester with the pleasant texture of natural fibers. These environmentally-friendly, soft-to-the-touch fibers offer bulkiness, flexibility and a wide-range of color expressions.

askin Fibers

askin fibers take on a tight superimposing  structure in the textile product, preventing the textile from becoming see-through, while providing wind-proof properties and maintaining a soft texture. They are generally used for curtains, jackets and toys.

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