m2 (Ultra Microfiber)

m2/m3 is a polyester ultra microfiber that is produced by the direct spinning process with no need of a separate splitting process during post-processing.


Provides a micro-soft touch, bulkiness, flexibility and deep color with the application of ultra-fine denier high multi yarns
Offers a wide range of advanced performance specifications, from lightweight luxury fabrics to ultra high count fabrics
Achieves the similar ultra suede aesthetics to that of existing conjugated yarns, with no need of an extra splitting process
Excellent post-process (No difference in workability of the D/S process in comparison with regular PET)
No loss due to de-weighting in the finishing, no pressure from waste water treatment, cost-effectiveness and environmentally-friendly characteristics


Toys, Car Seat, Cleaner, Bags etc.
Upholstery : Chair, Cushion, Bedding, etc.
Casual : Jacket, Parka
Sports : Golf wear, Ski Wear, Swim Wear, Jogging Suit
Inner : Lingerie, Sleep Wear, Brassiere
Outer Wear : Mustang, Rain Coat


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