Spandex (creora®)

나일론 일반사 (TOPLON) 이미지
creora® is the spandex brand that has taken over the number one spot in world technology,
quality and market share.
As a leader in the country’s synthetic fiber industry, Hyosung has been growing both quantitatively and qualitatively every year since it started producing spandex in 1992. This unit was reborn under the new name of Spandex Performance Unit (PU) in January 2000 to equip itself with a stronger more competitive edge and to grow as the world’s premier spandex maker based on its unique production technology and R&D efforts.


나일론 일반사 (TOPLON) 이미지
creora® is a spandex brand that continues to bring new products that meet the various demands and expectations of customers as well as opening up new horizons for the industry by developing products with superb uniformity and productivity.
creora®’s determination to create ‘the world’s best quality, service and value’ is ingrained throughout the entire corporate culture, including efforts to be a leader in R&D, manufacturing, sales, marketing and technical services. This is the fundamental principle that has been followed from creora®’s beginning and through its rapid growth and has become the underlying foundation for this growth. Now boasting the world’s highest quality and standards, creora® spandex offers superb value to customers with its superiority and satisfaction through such efforts as innovative fabric development support.

For textiles

Dyeable spandex creora® Color+

creora® Color+ has unique property with excellent dye-ability and color fastness in blends with nylon, which is dyed with acid dye stuff. It can reduce grin-through on textile product, and make color of fabrics deeper and more vivid. more

Black dope dyed spandex creora® Black

creora® Black is a black dope dyed yarn product, which can produce a deep and exclusive color without grin-through, a phenomenon that causes spandex to look gray when a dark color fabric is elongated. more

High power & heat resistant spandex creora® Power Fit

creora® Power Fit is a spandex with high power and excellent heat resistance, which maintains its fabric power even setting at high temperature or re-dyeing. In particular, this offers outstanding deeper color and better fastness, dyed with disperse dye stuff. Additionally, even the yarn is thin(fine denier), it provides good performance including high power and better heat resistance. more

Super chlorine resistant spandex creora® highclo™

creroa® highclo™ was designed to overcome spandex’s vulnerability to damage by chlorine. It prevents spandex degradation by the chlorine element used for swimming pool sterilization and the chlorine bleach used for laundry washing and processing. It is applied to swimwear and improves fabric durability. more

Low heat settable spandex creora® eco-soft

creora® eco-soft provides soft feeling and whiter whiteness from low heat settable properties. creora® eco-soft enables heat setting at a low temperature compared to common spandex. It prevents yarn from yellowing, and improves hand-feel of fabrics in blends with a heat-sensitive materials. This yarn also offers excellent dimensional stability. In addition, manufacturers save cost by reduction of CO² emissions, or improve productivities by increasing the stenter speed in the heat setting process. more

Steam settable spandex creora® STEAMSET+

STEAMSET+ offers excellent dimensional stability and a soft tactile quality without the need for a high-temperature heat setting. It is appropriate for stockings, socks, seamless products, etc. requiring a steam setting. more

High elongation spandex creora® Soft Fit

creroa® Soft Fit has a soft stretching power, and provides a comfortable wearing sensation. It is optimized yarn for hosiery, for its soft and comfort fit with high elongation properties. more

Fluorescent spandex creora® LUMINOUS

creora® LUMINOUS can help customers to make high-quality of core spun yarn by checking defects because flourescence material can be screened by using an UV light source. This can lower the risk of quality problems, so manufacturers could gain customers’ trust in terms of product quality. more

For diapers

High elongation spandex creora® comfort

creora® brand spandex provides personal hygiene market unique product and value-oriented opportunities. creora® comfort is specially designed soft polymer for personal hygiene, which shows narrow hysteresis and has 5% lower modulus than competitor. more

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