Fuel Cell Systems

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Hyosung's fuel cell system developed through in-house technology, is based on our foundation of environmental preservation.
The 1kW LT-PEMFC is implemented on site and currently undergoing system testing while the HT-PEMFC and the SOFC is under development.

1kW Low Temperature PEMFC System

1kW급 저온형 연료전지 이미지
Hyosung's 1kW Low Temperature PEMFC System uses residential gas and generates both electricity and hot water with minimized CO2 and high energy efficiency. more

High Temperature Fuel Cell System (R&D in progress)

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Hyosung's High Temperature Fuel Cell Systems, currently in development, feature a high generation efficiency and wider usage range for heat generated than the low temperature PEMFC. more

Chief representatives

  • Fuel Cell Systems Team
  • Kyujin Jang
  • TEL: 82-31-596-1760
  • FAX: 82-31-596-1851 

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