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Based on its innovative technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and talented experts, Hyosung is leading the way with new LED light products and is becoming part of the industry’s growth engine.
Maximizing the synergistic effect with bold facility investments and systematic vertical integration, attaining the latest technology through ceaseless R&D efforts, Hyosung has been able to maintain its dynamic competitiveness through high value-added businesses with the potential for convergence. In addition, Hyosung has grown into a company that leads the LED industry and provides superior LED solutions for its customers.

LED Applications

LED Applications 이미지
Galaxia Electronics is a ‘LED-Oriented Total Solution Company’, devoted to developing and manufacturing “Creative LED Displays” and “LED Lighting Systems”. Characterized by its cutting edge technology in displaying even the most vivid and natural color, the image display panels of Galaxia Electronics has been able to create 500 inch 3D screen for the first time in the industry. Well known for its achievement in constructing the world’s largest media facade (width 99meters x height 78meters) at Seoul Square Building in Korea. Galaxia Electronics provides the customers with top-end solution in integrating LED technology to buildings to achieve media art..
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