Wind Turbine Systems

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As a pioneer of wind farm engineering in Korea, Hyosung have contributed to renewable energy and environmental preservation. We embarked on our wind turbine system business in the mid-1990s and have since established the best technologies through development of wind turbine system's components, such as gearboxes, generators, controllers and towers.
In 2005, we developed Korea's first geared-type 750kW wind turbine and successfully commercialized it with outstanding reliability and stability. Moreover, we developed a 2MW wind turbine system which is now under test operations.

HS90 (2MW)

HS90 (2MW) 이미지
Hyosung's HS90-2MW wind turbine system maximizes power generation at the optimal angle and is committed to providing reliable and high-quality systems with customer-focused services. more

HS50 (750kW)

HS50 (750kW) 이미지
Based on expertise and know-how in power generation systems and gearbox manufacturing accumulated over the last 30 years, Hyosung developed the HS50 wind turbine system. more

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