Compressed Fuel Refueling Systems

Hyosung strives to develop eco-friendly systems by using its unique technology to manufacture alternative energy refueling systems that contribute to environmental sustainability.
Hyosung provides quality products with differentiated quality that focuses on environment presevation and user's safety to satisfy a variety of specifications requested by the customer.

CNG Refueling System

Hyosung developed an optimum refueling system based on 40 years of accumulated technology that applies various operation modes and electric control systems for greater accuracy and stability. more

LNG Refueling System

Hyosung provides customers with the best driving criteria and facility operation through its systems engineering, which is optimized for refueling large-sized LNG vehicles. more

Gaseous Hydrogen Refueling System

As an alternative to the gasoline and diesel oil, Hyosung manufactures extra-high pressure hydrogen gas charging facilities for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. more

Fuel Booster Package

Hyosung manufacture an industrial compression package utilizing the Ariel Compressor, providing the Fuel Booster Compressor Package based on API-618, API-11P, and ASME standards. more

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