Gear Units

Hyosung's gear units are high-precision machines manufactured by heat treatment to achieve their durability and are famous for their compact size and high reliability and efficiency.
Hyosung offers various high-speed gear units for the tidal power, wind turbine, thermal power, and nuclear power generation industries, in addition to the military industry.

Geared Motors

Hyosung's geared motors are manufactured with ideal distribution of strength for compact, light-weight and high-precision gear, which enables smooth and low-noise operation. more

Gear Boxes

With the latest design and analysis technology, Hyosung has rich experience in manufacturing gear boxes, which satisfy international standards, such as AGMA and API. more

Special Gear Units

Together with skilled researchers and proven tools such as Romax and KISS Soft, Hyosung manufactures quality special gear units such as a speed increaser for wind turbine, reducer for ships, jack-up rigs, and pulverizers. more

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  • so yeun lee
  • TEL: 82-2-707-6317
  • FAX: 82-2-707-6447 

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