Hyosung is the leading supplier of generators for industrial use, ships, wind power, and power generation.
This generation system of Hyosung can provide a primary and secondary power source to various industrial facilities including factories, buildings, large apartment and ships, via optimum configuration of the system to meet the requirements of individual facility.

Industrial Generators

Hyosung's industrial diesel engine generators are used as the main or secondary power source for industrial complexes or hospitals in addition to being used in regions where no power supply is available. more

Marine Generator

The advantage of Hyosung's marine generators is its adaptability that allows the generator to be compatible with all kinds of ships. more

Special Generators

Based on motor and generator technology accumulated, Hyosung offers special generators for nuclear power substation and testing equipment of transformers. more

Wind Turbine Generators

To provide optimum solutions for wind power generation systems, Hyosung manufactures and supplies various wind turbine power generators. more

Power Generation System

Hyosung's power generation system can produce two or more energy types, electric and thermal, from single energy source - fuel. more

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  • so yeun lee
  • TEL: 82-2-707-6317
  • FAX: 82-2-707-6447 

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